Chocolate Is The Best Gift For Valentine’s Day

For most people today Valentine’s Day is just regarded as a commercial day of love. However, the origins of Valentine’s day were utterly unconnected to any romantic love. The association of “romance” and mid-February goes back to a pagan festival known as the Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a bloody, violent and sexually charged celebration awash with animal sacrifice, hitting women with thongs, random matchmaking and coupling in the hopes of warding off evil spirits and infertility. At the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I eliminated Lupercalia and declared February 14 as a day to celebrate martyrdom of St. Valentine. Gosh! Well, thanks to the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, Valentine’s Day became related to love in the late Middle Ages. Later poets, including Shakespeare, followed Chaucer’s lead and helped create the romantic connotations we have today.

Today, most lovebirds exchange gifts like candy, flowers, and cards on Valentine’s Day. One of the most popular gifts to give is chocolate. Did you know? There are at least 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate sold on Valentine’s Day every year! In case you need more convincing, here are top 5 reasons why chocolate is the best gift:

It Makes People Happy

Chocolate has the amazing power to provide comfort, warmth and joy, no matter what the occasion. It actually has mood-boosting properties as well. Especially in dark chocolate, it is high in antioxidant that increases endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Each bite of chocolate gives you the feeling of happiness.

It Creates Memory & Traditions

Chocolate has a special sentimental value for so many families and cultures. Giving chocolate as a gift helps create memories and traditions within families and friendship. The beginning of chocolate use dated back almost 4,000 years ago where the Mayans drank chocolate as a treat during special events and ceremonies. Start creating your own memory and traditions now!

It Is Universally Enjoyed

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate is a universal language of love and it’s enjoyed in every part of the world. Nowadays, the food producers made chocolate ever so versatile. With an array of flavours, textures and combinations, it caters to every taste for everyone.

It Is An Affordable Luxury

You would be hard pressed to find a luxury as affordable as chocolate. It makes the perfect high-end gift for your special ones without breaking your bank. Besides that, chocolate is literally synonymous with decadence. Nothing says ‘you’re worth it’ like chocolate.

It Has Health Benefit

Giving chocolate also meant supporting his/her well-being too! Consuming chocolate in moderation is good for your health. Dark chocolate in particular, helps restore flexibility of arteries, reduce blood clots, promote gut flora and reduce inflammation in the gut (Click here for more information on boosting your gut health) However, most commercial chocolate has ingredients that add fat, sugar and calories. Be sure to read your nutrition label before purchasing a box of chocolate gift for your loved ones!

Jacie Chiew

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