Gutto Balance


Gutto Balance


Our uniquely formulated gut supplement contains more than 14,000 strains of gut microbes! Suitable for all ages, our premium supplement promotes the balance and regulation of your gut flora through microbial degradation of many common strains of gut bacteria. 

Suitable for people who are

> Having gastrointestinal problems

> Suffering from skin allergy issues

> Trying to achieve healthy weight

> Looking for supplement which can maintain their gut health

How It Works

The 4R of Gut Healing

Improve Bowel Movement

Stool consistency is strongly associated with gut microbiota richness and composition. A wide array of gut bacteria makes our microbiome more capable and resilient. Gutto Balance helps increase peristalsis, reduce transit time and improve stool frequency.

Alleviate Allergies

The constant increase prevalence of allergy diseases is quite alarming and experts have found that people with allergies have a poor gut diversity profile. Gutto Balance can help replenish the loss protective bacteria, modulate your immune system back to normal and take away your life-threatening misery!

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boost immunity

Boost Your Immunity

More than 70% of immune cells reside in our gut. The gut flora and our immune system are intricately related. What’s present in the gut determines what education immune cells gets.  Bolstering your gut species with Gutto Balance increases your immune diversity and thus, help mitigate severe diseases.


Better Mood Control

A balance and diversified gut profile is a proven factor not only in keeping your body healthy, but your mental too. Inflammation causes mood swings and vice versa. The diverse range of bacteria in Gutto Balance can help control inflammation whilst helping you better cope with daily stress and anxiety.

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Gutto Balance capsule

Semen Glycine Max Fermented Soybean


Originated from Japan with many years of research and development. From plantation to extraction, our fermented soybean extract is one of the rarest available. According to 16S rDNA analysis (Kingdom-Genus), it contains 14,442 bacteria species; owning its title of most diversified extract in the global market.

The richer and more diverse the microbiota, the better they will withstand external threats, say, scientists. 

Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba


Acting as prebiotic, it helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

Not only associated with improvements in stool texture and bowel movement frequency, it also slows down glucose uptake and cholesterol absorption.

Ganoderma Lingzhi


A woody fungi and famous herb which has been used for treatment of infections for hundreds of years. Triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans within the mushroom are found to help boost your immunity, reduce stress, build strength and stamina as well as improve your blood profile.

Brassica Oleracea


Vaguely resembles a miniature tree that is loaded with fibre and protein, it is also rich in iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium as well as the vitamins A, C, E, K and a series of B vitamins including folic acid. In short it is a mini tree of wonders.

Premium Ingredients You'll Feel Good About

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Gutto Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

Suggestion intakeFor best results, establish a routine by taking Gutto Balance daily before bed.

Gutto Balance is vegan and gluten-free. Since the bacteria strains are extracted from fermented soybean, individuals with soy allergy should refrain from taking Gutto Balance.

Gutto Balance is designed to be taken daily, and its effects vary from individuals. 

For initial consumption, individuals may experience more frequent bowel movement or farting, and increase in appetite. These symptoms may go away after few days.

Over consistent supplementation, individuals may begin seeing improved bowel movement, improved skin complexion, better appetite, better mood and emotion control and less likely to fall sick.

Gutto Balance does not adopt a high CFU count of probiotic strains. Therefore, it will not create body shock from a sudden high dose of certain bacteria strains. Gutto Balance is designed to reinoculate and restore balance of our gut flora with diversified bacteria strains. 

There are no known serious side effects until date for long term consumption. However, in rare cases, it may not fit your body depending on the ingredients and physical condition.

We love questions! You can reach out to us via email: [email protected] or whatsapp us: +6011 5556 2885. Our customer service will always be available for you.