Is Yee Sang Healthy?

Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without a few key things – red pockets (angpaus), dazzling reunion dinners, and of course, prosperity tossing which commonly known as Yee Sang, Yuu Sahng, Yu Sheng, Lou Sang, Lo Hei or Lo Hay. Yee Sang is one of the most anticipated, fun and delicious traditions. It symbolises good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious for the new year. However, do people actually know the story behind of its origin?

Well, Chinese legend has it that goddess Nüwa spent six days creating chicken, dog, boar, sheep, cow and horse out of mud and on the seventh day, she created humans. This day is known as Ren Ri, literally meaning humankind’s birthday. As a celebration, the Chinese enjoy a special dish consisting of seven symbolic delicacies, one of which is thinly sliced raw fish, a popular cuisine among the Chinese social elites during Southern Song Dynasty. Until 1940, the form of Yee Sang has slowly evolved into various styles in Malaysia and Singapore. Today, the common form of Yee Sang is the “Qi Cai Yu Sheng” (referred as 7-coloured raw fish salad). It is usually served as a pre-dinner appetizer and is no longer enjoyed exclusively on the seventh day.

The modern dish of Yee Sang had fish served with variety of ingredients, each ingredient not only denoting different meanings but also brings variety of nutritional benefits to you and your gut. A healthy gut means a healthy you.

  1. Fish meaning abundance
    Salmon is rich in omega-3, vitamin B12, iron and calcium
    Carps are rich in omega-3, vitamin A, zinc and phosphorus
  1. Carrot for good fortune
    Rich in carotenoids and vitamin A
  1. White Radish for success
    Great source of vitamin B9 and C
  1. Green Radish for youthfulness
    Rich in vitamin A and C
  1. Pomelo for luck and prosperity
    Rich in vitamin B & C
  1. Peanut for treasure
    Good source of protein and monosaturated fatty acid
  1. Sesame Seed for prosperity in business
    White sesame seeds contain high copper, calcium and healthy oil
    Black sesame seeds are rich in manganese, magnesium, vitamin B1 and healthy oil
  1. Deep-fried Crisps for a floor of gold
    Gives every bite some extra crunches
  1. Healthy Oil circling the ingredients to symbolise wealth coming in from all directions
    May opt for olive oil, flaxseed oil or avocado oil. They are all rich in omega-3
  1. Honey Plum Sauce drizzled over the dish for a sweet life
    High in sugar and sodium, but we’ll let it go this time
  1. Pepper for wishes fulfilled
    Spice that helps improve absorption of cucurmin and beta carotene
  1. Lime for riches and safety
    Great source of vitamin C and phytonutrients

After Yee Sang is served, all diners at the table then stand up and proceed to toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopsticks while saying various of auspicious wishes out loud. The louder the shouts, the higher the toss, the better it is! Recently, some creative people created a fun way to exclaim the wishes from 1 to 10. At each auspicious wish shouted by the leader, the rest shall shout “收到!” meaning received.

一帆风顺  Creating breakthrough

二龙腾飞  Propelling to success

三羊开泰  Taking charge of life

四季平安  Gratitude and appreciation

五福临门  Growing your values

六六大顺  Becoming unstoppable

七星高照  Realising full potential

八方来财  Tapping into abundance

九九同心  Creating larger impact

十全十美  Achieving best result

For more information, contact Broadcare’s careline at +6011 5556 2885. Happy Chinese New Year!

Jacie Chiew

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